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march sale

March Sale Items*


Christina Cosmetics

FLip Zone Revitalizer SPF 15 20ml

Infused with scientifically proven age-fighting ingredients, the Lip Zone Revitalizer stimulates keratin and filaggrin synthesis to hydrate the lip area and erase fine lines.

$16.55 $9.95
Unstress Probiotic Eye & Neck Day Cream 30ml

The Pro-Biotic Day Cream acts as a protective shield for skin by boosting the skin's natural immune system.

$38.50 $30.80
Retinol Active Cream 30ml

This active cream is an innovation. It is very powerful in reducing the quantity of existing wrinkles and preventing the forming of new ones.

$108.00 $75.00
Elastin Collagen Carrot Oil Moisture Cream 250ml

Special moisturizing formula complements the activity of 8 natural moisturizing factors, which supplies long-lasting hydration to the skin with vitamins A and E.

$39.10 $28.00
Silk SOS Eye Serum 10ml

A silky rich serum that provides the skin with vital benefits resulting in a more radiant and youthful appearance.

$41.40 $33.00
Silk Gentle Cleansing Cream Step #1 300ml

Silk Gentle Cleansing Cream​ removes superficial residues, leaving the skin clean and refreshed without irritation or drying.

$23.00 $13.00
Silk Active Toner Step #3 300ml

Light spray toner for the face hydrates and refreshes. Help condition the skin and prepare for proper moisture absorption.

$23.00 $13.00
Silk Multivitamin Drops Step #6 150ml

The vitamins in these drops work internally to boost production of important enzymes to repair the causes of ageing skin and trigger the formation of a smooth, healthy skin.

$41.40 $25.00
BioPhyto Alluring Serum 30ml

BioPhyto Alluring Serum moisturizes the skin, improving its elasticity. It slows down the aging process, stimulates cell regeneration, evens skin tone, strengthens the vascular wall of capillaries.

$28.15 $22.50
BioPhyto Normalizing Night Cream 75ml

A luxuriously nourishing cream specially designed to repair damaged, flaky skin. Innovative actives and acids promote cellular renewal and skin regeneration.

$25.00 $18.95

HL Always Active

Juvelast Nourishing Mask 250ml

A rich nourishing mask that revitalizes the skin, improves texture, slows down skin aging and makes the skin look healthy and radiant.

$89.00 $50.00
Juvelast Intensive Night Cream 250ml

Intense night cream that nourishes and revitalizes the skin, improves elasticity, reduces wrinkles and slows down the skin aging.

$99.00 $59.00
Double Action Hydratant 250ml

Double Action Hydratant Emulsion is a delicate moisturizer designed for oily skin. It softens the skin and nourishes it with moisture, preventing the emergence of dryness and flaking.

$40.15 $20.00
Dermalight Lightening Mask 250ml

Dermalight Lightening Mask is used when it is necessary not only for the alignment of color, but also for soft lightening effect.

$68.00 $42.00
Kukui Cream Mask Normal to Oily 250ml

CREAM MASK FOR NORMAL TO OILY SKIN removes dead skin cells and has a light lifting effect.

$64.50 $45.00
Renew Formula Renewing Mask 250ml

Creamy moisturising mask intended for the eye contour area, helps diminish wrinkles.

$96.80 $75.00

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