Eye Therapy in Concord

Eye Therapy in Concord

Eye Therapy is the comprehensive line of products to treat and beautify the skin around the eyes and lips where aging signs first appear and are more visible with the passing of time. Regular care using the formulations containing active ingredients will delay the appearance of premature aging signs as well as diminish existing expression lines and environmental stress marks.

Active Ingredients: Chamomile, Green Tea, Sea Pine Tree extracts; Ginseng and Calendula oils, Arbutin, Kojic Acid, vitamins A & E and many more.

Eye Therapy products will show:

Eye Contour Balm diminishes puffiness, prevents creases and dryness and more importantly rebalances the skin.

Soothing Eye Mask has a tightening and smoothing effect, aids in refreshing tired looking skin and re-mineralizes the delicate eye and lip areas.

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