Fusion3 is a breakthrough anti aging product line which represents the merger of three domains – nature, science and technology. Fusion3 enables us to derive the most benefits of each domain for a perfect three zone treatment- of the face, eye area and the neck & décolleté area according to the specific, unique needs of each zone.

Fusion3 formulations are based on natural botanical ingredients blended with modern scientific technology based on the latest research in the world of cosmeceutical science.

Active Ingredients: Acai Oil, Murumuru & Cupuacu Butters, Rice Bran Oil extract, Natural Blend (a complimentary source of calcium), Hexapeptides, Olive & Sweet Almond oils, Yeast, vitamins A, E, F & H, Apple & Pomegranate extracts, Allantoin and more.

Fusion3 will show:

Fusion3 is suitable for all skin types and includes both professional and home care products:

Day Correction Emulsion is a lightweight, pleasant formulation which delays the skin's aging processes, improves its structure and functioning of the skin as well as maintaining an optimal level of hydration and nourishment. Daily application assists in maintaining the skin looking young and healthy.

Eye Care is a rich, most comprehensive solution to a broad variety of unique needs characteristic of the area. The ingredients are chosen carefully keeping in mind the goal of giving a lifting and crease decrease effect, nourishment and hydration, as well as strengthening of the skin's structure and eliminating puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. The cream may be used around the lips as well. Consistent use will delay the skin's aging process and bestows the skin with a young and smooth look.

Firming Neck & Décolleté Cream gives a combined firming and lifting effect of the neck & décolleté on top of the nourishment, hydration and care. The cream contains unique ingredients for the reduction of the "double chin" and re-sculpturing of the facial and neck lines. Moreover, it has ingredients which are effective in diminishing hyper-pigmentation spots, common in the décolleté area as a result of sun exposure. Regular use bestows the skin with a uniform, firm and tight complexion.

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