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What is Skin Rejuvenation?

Active Crystal's skin rejuvenation treatment is simply a method to make your skin look young again. For more information click here.

What cosmetics lines do you offer?

We currently offer HL Always Active and Christina cosmetics

What are the features of Active Crystal's equipment?

The main feature of Active Crystal's IPL equipment is to effectively treat unwanted hair by suppressing its growth, resulting in hair removal. For more information, click here.

Does Active Crystal offer cellulite removal?

Active Crystal can help you with removal of cellulite using our Radiofrequency (RF) Method. It has a special ability to create excessive heat in deeper skin layers (subcutaneous) while the skin surface remains moderately cool and well protected.

Can I get a skin lift with Active Crystal?

Yes. You can visit this page for more information.

Does Active Crystal offer any specials?

We always have something special to offer you. You are welcome to check out all of our latest specials here.

What products should I order?

If you are not familiar with hair products, get with a stylist in your market. They know what products their clients prefer and purchase. You can perhaps setup a focus group and invite 12-15 stylists to participate and give them a store incentive in exchange.

Where do I order products?

You get products from a beauty supply distributor. This is the person who carries many different product lines. You can deal with distributors nationwide.

Is tattoo removal treatment painful?

No, unlike methods for tattoo removal of the past, such as surgery, we use a light-based technology treatment that only takes a few visits to visibly and painlessly remove your tattoo.

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