Christina Rose De Mer

Christina Rose De Mer

Reveal a Better You

Rose de Mer is a 100% natural professional peel designed to leave skin looking young and healthy. Featuring a combination of marine plants, minerals and salts, Rose de Mer peels and resurfaces skin with minimal skin trauma. The Rose de Mer peeling solution brings visible improvement to a variety of skin conditions, and can be used on clients of any age or skin color.

Healthy skin start here

Normal skin layers regenerate every 15 to 30 days. This process is delayed or halted as we age or if the skin is damaged. Excess skin layers block natural moisture production, trap bacteria and excess melanin causing a range of dermatological complications.

Rose de Mer lifts the epidermis to promote easy shedding and removal of dead skin cells. The combined action of friction and marine silicates, micro-traumatize skin and prompt a natural rejuvenation process. As excess skin is sloughed off, the skin naturally replenishes moistures levels, renews Collagen synthesis and improves overall epidermal structure.

Rose de Mer opens client's skin to the optimal reception of active ingredients. Rose de Mer can be used to compliment professional treatments that target specific skin conditions, such as severe acne and aging skin. Causing them to work faster more effectively and achieve longer-lasting results.

Rose de Mer provides measurable results for skin resurfacing and rejuvenating.

Key Active Ingredients

Coral silicates
Harvested exclusively for Christina the corals are specially treated, dried and deep-frozen for long-term retention of active ingredients without preservatives.

Grape and Green Tea extracts
An innovative blend of plant extracts enriched with natural antioxidants to restore skin structure and appearance

Sponge and Luffa
A specialized combination of medium coarse abrasive exfoliants that gently peel upper layers of skin.

Algae (Seaweed Extract)
A highly effective antioxidant rich moisturizer that locks active ingredients into the skin for further penetration.

Shea Butter
A natural butter extracted from Shea trees enhances cell elasticity and decreases wrinkle formation.

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