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Melasma: How To Get It In Check

January 14 2022

ng><img src=What Is Melasma?When it comes to skin issues, melasma is something that can challenge and frustrate many adult women. It is a skin condition that usually makes its appearance on the face in which brown or greyish patches of pigmentation develop due to the overproduction of melanocytes.Melasma can occur in almost every complexion but generally targets those individuals who tan quickly and has a darker skin tone. Also, pregnant women are more prone to get melasma. According to the American...

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What Type Of Chemical Peel Is Right For Your Skin Type?

January 07 2022

src=What Are Chemical Peels?A chemical peel is an exfoliating process that removes the top layer of the dermis. Your face will be cleansed. A numbing agent may be applied, or a general anesthetic if you are in need of a deeper peel. As a general rule, a chemical peel will be light or medium. A deep peel is generally only done under the direction of a certified aesthetician.A mild peel will be applied with a brush or a cotton ball. A medium chemical peel will stay on longer and may be applied with a...

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Holiday Skincare Routine

December 31 2021

src=The holidays are a joyful time, but they can be both busy and stressful. Cold weather can also take a toll on your skin. Finally, changes in your diet and hydration habits can leave you looking tired and worn. In order to keep your skin in shape during the holidays, there are some tips that we will share with you in this blog.Why Get a Spa Treatment During the Holiday Season?Booking one more thing into your holiday season can seem counterintuitive. However, you need something special book for...

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Best Treatments To Prepare For Holidays

December 24 2021

src=Skincare is essential all year round, but it’s especially crucial to take care of your skin in the lead-up to the holidays. This is because the combination of sun, stress, and alcohol can often lead to skin problems. Here are the best treatments to prepare your skin for the holidays:1. Pigmentation TreatmentIf you have any pigmentation problems, it’s a good idea to get treatment before the holidays. Pigmentation can be made worse by sun exposure, so it’s best to treat it before you head...

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Seminar coming up on November 7th at our office 11am-2pm

October 20 2016

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Testimonials with Active Crystal

March 01 2016

Often you hear how every business satisfies every client that walks in their doors, but with Active Crystal it is true! You can read up here, direct quotes, from our many happy clients over the years:



If you have an Active Crystal experience to share please visit our website and send us an email telling us all about it! We will let you know if it makes our testimonials page!

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Crystal-512-Classic for Hair Removal

March 17 2015

The new Crystal-512-Classic is a compact desktop unit for hair removal and the most innovative machine among professional spa equipment of its class. This second generation of the GEM-PL Technology Crystal Series is ideal for hair removal, acne treatment, and skin rejuvenation. Its computerized graphic system makes it easy to control and simple to learn. Unlike other professional spa equipment used for acne treatment and skin rejuvenation, the Crystal-512-Classic model simplifies the process to...

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Get your beloved skin back with Active Crystal's Pigmentation Treatment!

February 13 2015

Active Crystal knows how important it is to love the skin you are in. In order to help you love your skin again, we offer our exclusive pigmentation treatment to help bring back that youthful glow and consistency to your skin.

Sun spots, age spots or liver spots are blemishes that occur on the skin, usually due to aging and exposure to UV radiation from the sun rays. The reason why those blemishes occur more commonly with age is because the skin thins with age and is therefore less protected....

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Get Your Facial Vascular Treatment With Active Crystal

January 15 2015

Spider-like capillaries may form on the body as a person ages. That can really hurt one's confidence, especially when those appear on one's face. The reason why those spider-like capillaries appear is because red blood cells get clotted in the veins due to weakness of the one-way valves. The blood with little amounts of oxygen gets stuck in the capillary rather than being pumped to the heart. Also, since with age, the skin produces less collagen – capillaries that are closer to the skin...

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Check Out Our Body Revitalization Treatment

December 11 2014

Active Crystal presents the Body Shape – RF Quadro – Polar apparatus. Among the latest, most innovative equipment that is used for regaining a younger body form. Stop searching for the youth fountain because Active Crystal has got what you are looking for. Our BRF(Burst Repetition Frequency) technology combined with real-time continuous thermal skin monitoring is used for body contouring, skin lifting, skin rejuvenation and cellulite improvement.

Our treatment is effective and...

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