Bio Repair

Bio Repair

Bio Repair's comprehensive line of products is highly effective in rehabilitating damaged skin, caused by environmental stress or traumas to the skin, through the stimulation of the natural healing process and accelerating the cell renewal processes thus restoring the skin to its normal and normative condition. The unique Repair Complex, included in all the formulations, helps by stimulating the natural healing of the skin cells DNA chains and it has a highly positive effect on the skin. For impressive results we recommend the use of at least 4 of the products concurrently.

Active Ingredients: Repair Complex, Elastin, Collagen, vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Guaiazulene &Jojoba extracts; Almond and Olive oils and more.

Bio Repair products will show:

Cellular Firming Gel is an exceptional product effectively restoring and rehabilitating damaged skin. It gives a tightening and firming effect while being promptly soothing, calming and relieving redness and irritations as soon as applied onto the skin. It helps the skin recover quickly without any scars.

Gel Cleanser is a delicate formulation, removes environmental debris without irritating the skin.

Special Toner refreshes and revitalizes without leaving the skin feeling dry.

Day Care balances the skin´s natural moisture level and prevents from further loss of moisture.

Night Care, a richly intensive nourishing formulation, boosts the recovery treatment of the skin diminishing creases and leaving the skin texture soft and smooth.

Eye & Neck Cream's active formulation helps in the recovery of the eye and lip areas where an accumulation of excessive damage and premature aging signs are first visible.

Cream Mask enriches the skin and gives it a soft, supple feeling.

Concentrate Oil with Vitamin E this rehabilitation boosting, intense formulation, enhances the skin cell´s natural recovery and the skin's vigor to fight environmental stress improving the overall skin texture and tone.

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