Alpha-Beta with Retinol

Alpha-Beta with Retinol

Alpha-Beta with Retinol are active products, especially formulated for the restoration, repair and renewal of the skin. All the products contain various blends of concentrated natural AHA & BHA, Retinol and vitamin C. The success of the products lays in a dual concurrent skin care, first phase consists of a professional skin treatment to renew the skin and the second phase consists of daily care at home to continue the restoration and repair for the final desired result of young, beautiful and healthier complexion.

Active Ingredients: Natural Fruit Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA), Beta Hydroxy Acid(BHA), Retinol, vitamin C (in multiple forms), Green Tea extract and more.

Alpha-Beta with Retinol products will show:

Prepping Lotion prepares the skin for an increased absorption of active ingredients and it helps maintain the skin balanced daily in different skin conditions.

Day Defense Cream is both highly moisturizing and protective; formulated with a milder blend of active ingredients regulates and up keeps the skin's texture and tone.

Restoring Cream is the active, balancing formulation that helps in the rehabilitation of the skin, maintaining the complexion young looking and smooth.

Brightening Mask improves the cellular turnover and noticeably brightens the skin's tone keeping it looking fresh and healthy.

Brightening Drops is an active blend, especially formulated to even out the skin tone and bestow the complexion with a uniform tone, it eliminates hyper-pigmentated areas that are a direct result of exposure to sun and the aging process.

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