Boldcare is the breakthrough, long lasting "no needle" alternative wrinkle release treatment that constantly works to "fill in" wrinkles, fine lines and creases noticeably diminishing their appearance and leaving the skin re-plumped and firmer. The formulations contain Argireline which effectively diminishes the depth and length of wrinkles, Phytoestrogens, Amino Acids and anti-oxidants that work together to reveal a younger looking skin, to strengthen the skin cell's cohesion and maintain a balanced moisture level.

Active Ingredients: Hexapeptides (Argireline & Ameliox), Phytosterol from Soy Beans, Phytoestrogens from Wild Yam, Amino Acids, Red Algae, vitamin C, Alpha-Hydroxy Acids, plant extracts such as: Pomegranate, Green Tea, Ginkgo Biloba, Licorice, Sage and more.

Boldcare products will show:

Cream is delicate and acts to "fill in" expression lines and creases. The formulation stimulates the skin's self-restoration process and the acceleration of collagen and elastin production to further improve the skin's cellular make up.

Serum is an active formulation, consisting of an intensive blend of active ingredients, to intensively treat problematic areas where wrinkles and fine lines may appear prematurely like in the eye, lips and neck areas. The relaxing effect it has on the skin shows a younger looking, smooth and soft skin.

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