ProBiotic is a direct and balanced approach to a healthier skin from the outside, made up of formulations based on probiotics and plant extracts to help the skin find its natural balance and to better protect it from harmful environmental factors and stress. The overall effect is of a revitalized and nurtured skin for a healthier and glowing self.

Active Ingredients: Milk Proteins and Amino Acids, Casein, Coenzyme Q10, natural plant extracts such as Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera, AHA fruit acids, Hexapeptides and more.

ProBiotic products will show:

3 in 1 Soap, Cleanser & Toner removes environmental debris and make-up without drying or irritating the skin leaving it feeling refreshed.

Hydrating Cream is a lightweight moisturizer that revitalizes and balances the skin tone as well as helps in accelerating the collagen synthesis for a relaxed and healthy skin texture.

Balancing Cream is highly nourishing and effectively improves the epidermis' cell cohesion as well as sustaining in the skin cells' natural renewal process.

Eye, Lip & Neck Serum is a special formulation with higher concentrations of active ingredients and peptides to fight premature aging signs in more problematic areas around the eyes, lips and the neck. There is a tightening effect, expression lines fade and a younger, smoother tone and texture is revealed.

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