Whitening is a professional, highly active skin lightening line of products that focuses on the treatment of hyper-pigmentation related problems. These innovative formulations present a comprehensive solution to the treatment of skin tone problems such as pregnancy and age spots without causing damage to the cells or their natural processes and final result is long lasting.

Active Ingredients: Arbutin, Kojic Acid, a unique herbal complex of lightening agents, vitamin C, Licorice extract and more.

Whitening products will show:

For best results and for a healthier skin, a high factor sun protecting cream, such as Sunbrella Block/Demi Make-Up, must be used daily. This will ensure the effects of the treatment are long lasting and there will not be a recurrence of the problem.

Cream is a particularly active lightening formulation, diminishes hyper-pigmentation spots, giving the skin a uniform tone. It contains Arbutin, Kojic Acid, vitamin C and Grape, Berries and Licorice extracts, which all aid in improving skin tone problems and are considered to be highly effective, natural anti-oxidants.

Serum enriched with natural ingredients, helps diminish hyper-pigmentation spots for a uniform, bright and glowing look.

Protective Moist is a lightweight moisturizing cream that combines a milder blend of active lightening ingredients and sun protection factor.

Mask is a gold, skin tightening and lightening formulation, bestowing the skin with radiance and a velvety feel to the touch.

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